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Caprice Australia is committed to ensuring socially and environmentally responsible sourcing practices across our entire supply chain in accordance with the law, international obligations, and our customer and licensor compliance requirements. We view ethical sourcing as a non-negotiable aspect of our business and, in turn, we expect the same from our suppliers.


To meet our ethical sourcing commitment, Caprice has implemented an Ethical Sourcing Program that is applicable to all suppliers contracted by Caprice to supply merchandise to, or on behalf of, Caprice.


The program is divided into three levels of action: Prevent, Detect and Respond. It is supported by:

·       a comprehensive Ethical Sourcing Code, which includes the minimum standards of conduct that all factories must meet as a condition of doing business with Caprice;

·       capacity building training for factories on our Ethical Sourcing program requirements;  

·       a robust audit and monitoring program that requires all registered Caprice factories to have an approved ethical sourcing audit;

·       a whistleblower line ( through which factory workers can report actual or suspected violations of our Code to Caprice; and

·       a Standard Operating Procedure documenting the Ethical Sourcing program’s governance structure, program objectives, internal roles and responsibilities and operational aspects of the audit program.

Documents available as follows:

caprice Australia Ethical Sourcing Code (english)

caprice Australia ethical sourcing code (chinese)

ethical sourcing code poster (english)

Caprice Modern Slavery statement

All Caprice supplier factories are required to register their factory in our online production management and compliance system 3clicks the ethical sourcing onboarding and audit processes will be managed via 3Clicks. suppliers will also have access to the caprice ethical sourcing manual containing all relevant information.